Tuesday, November 29, 2011

So Much To Be Thankful For | Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving really was great this year - the whole weekend was a blast.  I am still smiling thinking about it...my mom and I might be the only ones still laughing about the "excuse me but you have a piece of sandwich on your car" comment, but I think we all walked away with loads of good memories.

We started the morning off with a big breakfast at my parents' hotel and then headed back to our house to cook the bird.  I messed up and bought a frozen turkey (I honestly thought it was a fresh bird until I got home and noticed the frost on the outside of the packaging...what they?).  We spent a great deal of time trying to defrost Mr. Turkey enough so we could get his neck out of the inside of his body (why do they do that?) and spent even more time giggling about it.  Bryce was so excited to help out and extract the birds' insides...it was a little weird...I would rather vomit than stick my hand in the bird and remove the bag of gizzards, but whatever.  To each his own. (Side note - I can't believe how OLD my BABY brother is getting! We celebrated (two weeks early) his 16th birthday!!)

The Willhites came a little later in the day after Mazie's nap.  We sent the boys and little girls outside to play...of course Sawyer's Escalade was the big hit.  Sawyer gave her sister and cousin rides and both Mazie and Harper had grins from ear to ear. Mazie was a little upset when her turn in the car was over so then we had the brilliant idea to let all 3 girls go in the car at once.  That didn't last long, it made me way to nervous.  Whenever Harper plays outside she likes to have her helmet on.  You know what they say, safety first!

Everyone was so helpful with getting dinner ready and it is so fun being in our kitchen all together. Gabe made that face on purpose...I think he was possibly mocking my constant picture taking. 

My mom made the little ones cute turkey bibs.

After we all stuffed ourselves silly we sat down for a viewing of Home Alone...my dad is hilarious and you can ALWAYS count on him to laugh hysterically during a movie, even after he has seen it 100+ times.  I snuck a little video of him...it is good for the old memory bank.

When all the laughter was over and the kitchen was cleaned up we all got a little sleepy and some of us zonked out on the couch.

It was a great holiday, I wouldn't trade it for anything.  We really do have so much to be thankful for.  

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