Thursday, December 1, 2011

Christmas Jams & Reindeer Feet

We are feeling pretty festive over here and yesterday me and the girls spent the day doing holiday crafts and getting ready for Christmas.  Since I have a thing for using my childrens' appendages for crafts we made little reindeer our of the girls' footprints and put them on a canvas.  Harper thought the paint tickled and she kept curling her toes, so her footprint looks more like a smudge, but it is just the way I like is so her.  

We also busted out some of our Christmas jammies, I love them.  I love the little girls that are wearing them even more...bed head and all.  I feel like mornings around here are either a disaster (kids wake up cranky) or blissful (kids wake up happy), today was definitely leaning towards blissful.  My mood seems to be solely based on the kids' I have been having a pretty great day.    

Goofy grins!

The older Harper gets the more fun these two have together.

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