Friday, December 16, 2011

Snow in Orange County

Last night Marc went out to dinner with some work people and I was at home with the girls.  I put Harper to bed and sat down to watch a movie with Sawyer.  I decided to click onto Facebook and everyone's status updates were about the crazy thunder and lightning storms (we had nada in San Clemente) and about the SNOW in Laguna Hills.  What the?! Kelsey called me a little bit later and we decided to wake up Harps and pack the babes into the car and drive to Laguna Hills to see what all the fuss was about.  I bet you didn't know I was so wild and crazy going out at 7:00 at night like that ;)

We drove through Nellie Gail and didn't see anything unusual, but after we turned the corner onto La Paz the ground looked like it had dry ice on it and it was foggy and eerie looking.  The next thing we knew we were looking at snow on the ground in Laguna Hills! It was so weird.  We wanted some place to pull over so we went to the Laguna Hills Mall parking lot.  I realized we missed out on some of the bigger piles of snow, but we were still excited with what we saw.

Upon closer examination I am pretty sure it was just massive amounts of hail, but I really don't know and snow in Orange County sounds much more exciting.

Harper was weary at first and then decided that it was pretty cool.  Sawyer kept asking where the "regular snow" was and wondered why the stuff we were standing on was so icy.  Sawyer's request was to make snowballs, but unfortunately, that didn't happen.

It was pretty fun and exciting and I am glad we made the big adventure 25 minutes north because it was totally worth it.  I never thought I would see "snow" in the town that I grew up in.  

The evening ended when Sawyer fell on her bottom and got super cold and wet.  We had an unhappy little girl and decided to head back home...and straight to bed.

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