Thursday, December 22, 2011

Fashion Island Christmas Tree & Santa

Back in the beginning of December me and the girls met Marc one day after work at Fashion Island to see the giant Christmas tree and to give Santa a little visit.  The tree was great, we all loved it.  Santa was another story, I am pretty sure Harper hated his guts.  She cried as soon as she touched his lap and stopped crying as soon as we picked her back up.  It was amazing. Sawyer on the other hand acted timid, but afterwards was very proud that she told Santa that she wants a pink bike for Christmas.  I hope Santa makes all of their wishes come true this year; he has sure been working hard!

I took a picture of our picture with Santa with my iPhone.  Harper is so chapped....her eyes are seriously going in opposite directions.  Classic.

And now that picture is proudly displayed in our entry way.

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