Friday, December 2, 2011

November 29, 2011

The day Harper turned a year and a half happened to be my last day as a 26 year old.  We had big plans to spend the day at the beach, but Harper woke up not feeling very well.  It seems as though she may just have been exhausted from our big Thanksgiving weekend, but I am really not sure...she looked fine, but she slept wayyyyy more than normal, virtually all day, and she just wanted me to hold her.  Later in the afternoon she bounced back a little bit, but she was still a little off.

Sawyer was bummed that the beach was not going to happen, but she settled on the sprinkler and that made her happy.  Harper came outside with us for a little, and she had a few laughs, but she got upset when Sawyer splashed her in the face (I would be upset is so annoying when people do that!) and all she really wanted to do was to walk around with one of Sawyer's sneakers on.

Our day wasn't glamorous, most of them are not, but it was a nice day at home with my girls, and although it was sad Harper wasn't feeling great, I totally cherished her snuggles and loves.  26 was really good to me, hopefully 27 can live up to the same standards.

Harper at 18 Months

* The girl loves to eat! cheese, crackers, yogurt, strawberries, pizza, baby food packets (mango in particular) are some of her favorites *

* Her stuffed bunny Charlotte goes everywhere with her, even in the bath occasionally because her mom doesn't feel like listening to her crying when she pries it from her fingers. *

* She has 4 bottom teeth and 3 1/2 top teeth and lots more on their way. *

*Although she doesn't have a lot of words yet, Harper communicates well by pointing, head nods, and facial expressions.  She is quite good at letting us know what she wants and doesn't want. *

* She loves pushing baby strollers and playing with dolls.  She has a baby doll crib in her bedroom and she likes tucking her babies in over and over again. *

* The words Harper does use (and maybe only we can recognize?) - "Mom", "Dad", "Ball", "Duck", "Whoa", "Uh oh", "Shoes" and she says the same thing over and over again for Charlotte and her bink but I can't quite figure out a way to write the words, but when she says them, I know what she means. * 

* Harper has a tendency to hit her big sister.  If I get mad at her and tell her "no" she hunches over and cries and put her head on my shoulder and wants hugs.  She knows when she is being naughty...I think it is cute though when she feels sad for being caught.  Maybe that won't be so cute in big people life? *

* This is a little embarrassing to admit, but we joke around and say "baby got back!" because she has a chubby little bum, and Harper shakes her rear when we say that.  She usually has a big smile on her face because we are laughing."

* When Harper smiles she scrunches up her nose. *

* Harper is obsessed with shoes. *

* Harper thinks "peek-a-boo" is great fun. *

* She isn't a big fan of the swings but she can't get enough of the slide. *

* We seriously love this girl sooooo much and don't know what we would do without her.  Everyday is more fun, everyday she has more personality. We can't get enough of this baby of ours! * 
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