Saturday, December 10, 2011

Mid-Week Road Trip

Last week Marc got some days off work, and since we all were in need of a little change of scenery, we headed off to Utah to visit the grandparents.

We hit the road Tuesday afternoon.  The girls watched movies until they could hardly keep their eyes opened, lucky for us, they eventually fell asleep.

We enjoyed some crisp fresh air (it was cold in St. George!), family time, being together, and we caught some pretty sunsets (well, I did anyways...not sure anyone else was really paying attention).

The girls were treated to Rice Krispies for breakfast (shhh, don't tell), they admired Grandma's Christmas trees, enjoyed climbing the stairs, scored some furry slippers, and Sawyer played her first computer game ever (Kid Pix) and was totally loving it!

We spent some time outside playing in the rocks.  Harper had a hard time walking on the rocks, but she liked teasing me and pretending she was going to eat them.  Sawyer mostly liked jumping off of the big rocks, I had my fingers crossed she wouldn't fall and break her arm.  Bone breakage is no fun.

One night we went to a Japanese steakhouse where they cook teppanyaki-style (right in front of you).  Harper cried at first, and then warmed up to the idea and was even laughing.  Sawyer was brave and didn't cry, although she told us that the big fire scared her.  The food was really good, I ate far more than I should have, but our chef was kind of a jerk...he for sure crossed the line from funny over into rude on several occasions.  Our waitress on the other hand was really nice, but it was pretty awkward when she told Grandpa that he had nice skin, and that she liked his coloring and that his skin was "tight".  Uncomfortable.

Before heading back to California Grandma & Grandpa took the girls to this place with stuffed animals...I don't even know what you call it...I guess it is a giant display of taxidermic animals. I think they had fun. While they were there Marc and I packed up and ran to Target for a movie to hopefully make our car ride home enjoyable.

The ride home went pretty quick, however neither of our girls slept a wink, and there were a few moments where listening to Harper cry was kind of painful.  For the most part though I would say they did really well, and I can't complain too much.  It was a fun little getaway and a good break from real life.  We all need little breaks every now and then.

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