Thursday, February 2, 2012

Princesses & Pretend City

A couple of weeks ago (where does the time go? Seriously.) Marc's parents were in town and our girls were spoiled at the Disney store with new princess dresses and shoes.  Sawyer is kind of obsessed with her dress and practically wears it every single day.  Harps is primarily obsessed with her fancy shoes, but she digs the dress as well.  I suppose I will share my prince with these girls for now until they find their own...hopefully that won't be for a long time.  Please tell me they will be little forever.  I don't want my kids to grow up.  

Harper calls him "Daddu".  I will be sad when that ends.

I have a constant audience when I shower, bathe, and go to the bathroom, for that matter.  One day these girls will realize how gross it is to see your mother naked (no offense Mom).

Have I ever mentioned that this one is always kissing and loving on me?  I love that she oozes with affection...especially affection towards me...I eat it up.

Trying to get ready for the day and Sawyer insists on her princess dress.

The kids got new flashlights.  These toys were a big hit...bigger than expected (Do you like the bag of marshmallows sitting on the couch? Just a healthy little snack Sawyer picked out for herself).

The day we went to Pretend City was kind of a messy one.  First Harper took a big #2 right after we got to the grandparents' (we were picking Grandma up to take her with us) and Harper's clothes got all dirty and gross and I had failed to pack a change of clothes for her so I quickly ran to Target and grabbed the first thing I found.  Later, after we got to Pretend City Sawyer had an accident and peed all over the floor of the little pretend grocery store.  Again, I was totally unprepared and we ended up putting a diaper on her and she had to go without leggings and her dress was too short without leggings so her diaper hung beneath the hem.  A shining moment for us.  I should mention that Sawyer hasn't had an accident like that in AGES, it must have been the excitement of Pretend City, I don't know.  Actually, the last time she did that was at Disneyland.  She must really like special kid friendly adventures and she can't contain her excitement.  I don't know.  Poor girl.

Potty accidents and wardrobe malfunctions aside, we had so much fun at Pretend City, they girls were in heaven.

This girl slammed into Harper like 3 times chasing a little rubber duck.  She had someone watching her and they didn't even say anything - I was kind of surprised by it.  It was kind of funny though.

One night Grandma & Grandpa took the girls and let them spend the night so that Marc and I could go out to dinner with some friends to celebrate our good friend's birthday.  We are kind of spoiled with getting lots of "off duty" nights...and Sawyer & Harper have so much fun having sleepovers.

When we went to get the girls the next morning both Sawyer & Harper had their hair curled.  Harper lets me blow-dry her hair, I can't imagine her letting me curl looks so cute though when it is curled!

After Grandma & Grandpa headed back to Utah we spent time just hanging out at home and doing a whole lot of nothing.  Doing nothing was great for me though - I finally got some photo albums done that I had been dying to get done, made shadow boxes for the girls, and did a lot of organizing and cleaning.  

I wanted the girls to have their hospital hats and bracelets in one place so that if they ever want to see them when they are older they will be able to find them easily.  I remember both of our girls as fresh newborn babies - it is so fun watching them blossom into their own little people.  I love being a mom.

I finally converted Harper's blog into a book...I love that I have done this with both kids, it really is kind of awesome.

And here are some other random gems from the end of January...

Best friends. (I just now realized they are holding hands.  I love them!)

This girl loves to see her face in my iPhone camera...

This one hates time out...

And I love eating dinner with these two crazies when their dad has to work late.

This girl better hold my hand forever...

These two get so excited about "red ice shakes" at Target.  Harper's smile rocks my world.  Sawyer chose a blue ice shake this day and she wished she had a red one.

And when I go out at night (infrequently, but every now and then) I love coming home to this sleepy pair...

It is safe to say that I am obsessed with my family.
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