Friday, February 24, 2012

Ordinary Days

Before we went on vacation last week we were spending the majority of time just hanging out at home and playing in the backyard.  Sometimes the best days are playing at the house and just seeing where the day takes us.  

We played with a bucket of soapy water and washed our double-stroller.  The girls washed themselves in that same soapy water.

We bonded over books.

We splurged and had In-N-Out, watched movies, colored, and fell asleep in front of the TV.

The girls took a spin in their Escalade and enjoyed their dinner on their newly repainted surfboard table.

We busted out our sprinkler, ate Popsicles, lounged in the sun, and pretended it was summer.

We spent time with our neighborhood friends, Sawyer rocked her favorite dress, we found new ways to play with our "everywhere chairs" inside, and the kids fought over anything and everything...I captured them fighting over a purse on my iPhone.

Harper indulged in quiet time and enjoyed her "Little Miss Sunshine" book and we had a Chinese food lunch with Dad where Harper got a fortune that I knew right away was a total lie.

After all of our playing we had to get freshened up in the bath.  The girls love bath time, although they usually argue over who gets to sit near the faucet.  Looks like Harper scored this time.

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