Monday, May 16, 2011

Green Bowlin' Shoes

On Saturday it was a little gloomy and cold so Marc had the idea of taking the family bowling.  We went to the ghetto Saddleback Lanes and had so much fun.  Sawyer got the ball stuck in the lane on her first try, but she much improved after that and she even managed to miss the bumper a couple of times.  Already going pro.

Harps hung out, enjoyed the oldies and some Gerber puff snacks.  If you ask Sawyer about the event one of the highlights for her was the "green bowlin' shoes" she got to wear.  I love this little family of mine.

I love love Sawyer's (a little premature) victory dance...

After we got home and the girls went down for naps, Marc went out and bought our family a karaoke machine.  Truly amazing.  So amazing, that it will have to have it's own separate post later :)
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