Friday, May 20, 2011

Prioritize & Simplify

My head has been spinning.  I feel like I always have so much on my mind, ideas, wants, things to do, lists, planning, and it is all starting to drive me a little nutty.  It probably doesn't help that I have had two sorta sick kids to deal with all week (which, by the way, they both barfed on me tonight...pretty sure they both gagged on their own mucus...but either way, it was incredibly unfortunate, sad, and I may have shed a tear or two).  My iPhone has been acting up and today it didn't work at all.  I plugged it into the computer only to get a message that it needs to be restored.  I wouldn't really mind except for the fact that none of my pictures and videos are backed-up and neither are my contacts.  Awesome.  And again, the pictures aren't the biggest deal because I take like 694,977,084 with a real camera anyways and it is not like I would ever frame iPhone photos or be able to put the videos onto a DVD but still, I like having them with me, never know when you might want to take a trip down Memory Lane.  And the contacts, well, yes, the part kind of blows too.  In my defense, last time I tried to back-up my phone I just kept getting error messages, maybe that was my red flag.  I hate to mention that I did completely max out the capacity on it with pictures.

All week long I have been contemplating making our blog private.  Isn't it a little weird that perfect strangers can keep up with what we are doing?  I think so.  And I am dying to get all of our family videos organized and together...I know I have the video of Sawyer's first steps somewhere...

And since 2008 I have been meaning to put together a family album (I like to make one every year) and I finally got around to ordering all of the prints tonight.  All 1,799 of them.  (I was having a hard time narrowing them down...which is terrifying because Sawyer was only around 6 months that year...I dread what 2009, 2010 and 2011 are going to be like).  

Although my phone not working (taking it to Apple tomorrow) kind of sucks (or this hour it doesn't make a difference), it was also kind of liberating not having that stupid thing attached to me all day anyways.  It was nice not checking my email so frequently and nice not popping onto Facebook.  I am sort of starting to hate Facebook.  I am an addict.  I don't even know why I look at it...I really don't care what everyone's statuses are, yet I can't seem to  pull myself away from them.  And for the record, I haven't been the best at responding to emails, don't take it personal, I have just been an airhead.  

Anyways, I don't even know where the heck I am going with this, but I came across this picture...Sawyer in her bedroom.  The room looked a little different back then, and she did too.  This is November 2008, Sawyer was just 5 months old.  Our house was clearly not even completed.  Things change, and things change fast.  Yet somehow, things always seem to remain the same.

I want to prioritize and simplify this little life of mine.  Sometimes I get so wrapped up in capturing the moment that I forget to enjoy the moment.  I have been leaving my camera behind a little more.  Marc, I bet you didn't know that I deliberately didn't take my "3rd child" to the park with us the other day?  I didn't forget it, I left it behind on purpose.  And I hate that I always have lists of things that I want or want to do, I have it pretty good the way things are, why do we always want more? 

My family makes me happy.  I am bummed I was a little impatient this evening.  I made Sawyer go to bed with wet is that for a mean mom when your child has been battling a cold?  That might even be abuse.  I am sort of contemplating going and crawling in bed with her and giving her lots of cuddles so that she knows I love her to the moon and back and I was just being a big jerk.  I just sound evil now.  It was like 1/4 justified and I wasn't super mean about...I did sing her like 3 songs and read her a book and tucked her in, I was just bitter about having to wash her hair after she got throw-up in it because the reason she threw up was because she was crying really hard, the reason she was crying really hard was because she wanted to sleep in my bed, and then after I was getting ready to give her a bath she was perfectly happy and hopeful that she still could sleep with us.  We let her sleep with us, a lot, but I think it is a bad habit to have her sleep in our room every single night...she has a room, and an extra comfortable bed, she might as well use it.     

Since I am pretty sure I am just digging myself into a deeper hole and just sounding meaner and meaner I will leave you with a couple of old pics of me and the Bean at the pier in December of 2008. Where oh where does the time go?

And since we are doing this whole old picture is Harper on her 3rd day of being in the world.  She turns 1 in like a week!

And Sawyer and Harper when Harps was just a few weeks and Sawyer was about to turn 2.  Sawyer will be 3 next month!

And if you really want to see something old as far as our family is concerned...look what a friend found online and sent to me...

Funny, huh?
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