Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Finishing Up 2011

We ended 2011 with lots of activities, a 5 year anniversary, and lots of family time.

The day after we drove home from Utah, Marc's parents and his sister's family came down to Orange County to ring in the new year (this has become somewhat of a tradition).  

The evening that our family got into town we drove over to Marc's parents to say hello.  Our drive to the freeway from our house will never get old.  I love you San Clemente.

The next day I had to shoot a wedding but the girls played with their cousins and then when Marc got home from work they all went up to the Long Beach Aquarium.  Since I wasn't there I don't have pictures, but I heard it was a good time.

On Thursday me and the girls (Marc was working) met up with the fam down at the pier for a little beach time.  We have been having a heat wave and I sincerely adore all of this sunshine.  

Harper's language skills keep improving and during this visit Harper started to say "Grandma" and surprisingly, she says it really well.

They were playing great together until Harper accidentally (this time it really was an accident) flicked sand in Sawyer's face and it got in her eye.  Sawyer was a big grump about it.

Emilia was really cute with Harper.  Yay for older cousins!

Speaking of older cousins...these two are getting way too old...I really wish they would stop growing.

Leaving the beach Sawyer tripped for the second time that day (she is a klutz, remember?) and skinned her knee pretty bad.  Grandpa came to the rescue and carried her up to the car.

The beach tuckered Harps out but when we got home she was ready for some grub.  Love my piglet baby.

All the sunshine brought in pretty sunsets and pretty evenings...have I mentioned that I am enjoying our weather?

Thursday night the older cousins babysat the younger cousins and we went out to an adult dinner at the Capitol Grill.  So amazingly yummy.  Thanks for the great meal Grandpa!

On Friday morning I woke the girls up at the crack of dawn so that we could get to Disneyland right when it opened (since we anticipated it would be really crowded, which it was).  In theory this was a great idea, but I didn't really take into account that Harper hadn't been getting her regular massive amounts of sleep, and the lack of a nap that day took a toll on her and she was pretty miserable the entire time, which unfortunately, means that it wasn't my favorite Disney experience either.  Sawyer had fun though and I really did enjoy going on Pirates of the Caribbean while Grandma was somewhere with Harper keeping her happy with snacks.  Thanks for that ;)

A bath bright & early.  Someone was still sleepy.

We had to stop at the grocery store before heading to Disneyland. Harper was in pretty good spirits for this outing.  I don't think her lack of sleep had caught up with her yet.

I think these pictures in front of the castle were a pretty good indicator of what my day was going to be like.  Harper was having a tempter tantrum about something right from the start.  She kicks her legs and throws her head back...such a peach she can be.

Harper's favorite rides at Disneyland is Small World.  Sawyer's favorite ride is Dumbo. The teacups are pretty popular too. 

The drive home from Anaheim was quite possibly my favorite part of the afternoon...Harper fell asleep as soon as I turned the car on.

December 30th happen to be mine and Marc's anniversary.  We celebrated 5 years! Booyah!  We got a babysitter and Marc and I went to dinner at Mastro's Ocean Club.  Um, can you say delicious?   Everything they say about it is true, I loved every single bite.

For our anniversary Marc requested this remote-control helium shark, so that is what he got.  I didn't request anything and Marc surprised me with a pretty new watch.

On New Year's Eve we started our morning off with a yummy glass of orange juice out of our awesome juicer and then we hit up the mall to do a couple of returns.  Sawyer did a little shopping of her own.

We spent the rest of the day at Grandma's and Grandpa's in the pool, BBQing, playing with Marc's shark, watching movies and popping balloons.

This next one looks like some kind of modeling pose.

Sawyer is so happy in the pool.  I have always thought her eyes looked like pools of water.

Harper was so happy sitting on the bench instead of in her high chair.  Look at that grin.  And look at her foot up on the table. ha

After much anticipation it was time to launch the shark.  We started the shark party inside, then moved to outside.  The shark wasn't intended for outdoor use, but of course Marc had to give it a try.  The family watched...and laughed...

Up...up...and away the shark went...everyone ran to the backyard to see where the shark was going...

Once we all got into the backyard the shark decided to take a swim over the fence into the neighbor's yard...

Marc was so happy to retrieve his shark.  The kids were relieved too.  This shark was a hit.

After all the excitement died down we headed back inside.  Harper of course had another snack, and sported her first ponytail ever.

Neil and Marc brought home a helium tank to fill the shark, so they used the helium to also fill up some balloons.  It was a par-tay!

Sawyer apparently had a wedgie.

I love the look on Aubrie's face in the first picture.  She looks so annoyed/confused/concerned. 

It was a good end to a really good year and I still cannot believe that it is 2012.  I am excited for the new year and can't wait to see what new adventures are in store for us.  

Happy New Year! 
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