Saturday, January 7, 2012

Living It Up

We have been living it up, me and the girls. We might not be doing anything crazy but we have been having fun and enjoying life and our time together.  This is my dream and I couldn't be happier...I love being a mom.

We've gone to the beach, we've had lunch with Aunt Bryt, we've gone for a run, we've played dolls, we have laughed, we have used our janky little backyard splash pad, and we've celebrated a very special little girl's birthday.

On Tuesday we went to Aliso Creek beach because we were not only interested in the beach, but in going to the park too. This place is the best of both worlds.

After the beach we went home, ate lunch in the backyard, watched Hannah Montana, played some more, Harper napped, and Sawyer painted and helped me get some juice ready.

On Wednesday, after Sawyer got done with school, we met some friends at the beach. Sawyer is always exhausted after school so we didn't last much longer than 30 minutes, but it was nice while it lasted anyways.

I had to wake Harper up from a little nap to go pick up Sawyer.  I always feel bad when I have to wake up my sleeping children.

I love our little Harper Ray in yellow...she is the cutest dose of sunshine.

I like that I get to call this place my home...

Wednesday afternoon the girls and I went for a run...Sawyer even got out of the stroller and ran too. 

Thursday morning had the best sunrise.  None of my pictures did it justice.  It was a perfect sunrise for Ruby's birthday.

On Thursday afternoon we went up to Irvine and met my favorite sister for lunch. It's so nice getting to see her during the week . We really should go meet up with her more often, it's so lucky that we live pretty close to one another.  The girls were exhausted after our outing, and they both snored the whole way home.

On Thursday, January 5th, we also celebrated Ruby Jane and her life and her journey. We honored her first birthday...although her life wasn't long, it was full, and she has inspired and continues to inspire so many. I can't seem to articulate what she means to me and what her family has taught me and shown me, but they all hold a special place in my heart and I am sure they will be in that spot forever. I have learned slot about friendship and family, faith, and life and I know it has changed me for the better.  We were meant to be friends.

We love the Taylors.  

Mindy Gledhill was there and sang and performed.  She is amazing.

The girls had a sitter that watched them while they played inside, but they spent most of their time outside with us adults.  Sawyer loves Mindy's "Whole Wide World" song.  I do too.  It makes me smile.  And it makes me cry.  It is so sweet.  Don't you love Sawyer & Kate's cupcake smudged faces?  Harper got to bring her bink and Charlotte since it was a late night for her.

Today was a quiet day at home with my girls.  Splash padding, errands, and hanging out at home.

This was an unintentional wipe out...she wasn't too happy about it.

Washing her hair...

I have been feeling so grateful for my time with my girls and the days we share and I can fall asleep with a smile on my face knowing that these are the best days of my life. I hope these days mean as much to my kids as they mean to me.

Someone pinch me.  Is my life for reals?

My new favorite song for my girls...

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