Monday, January 2, 2012

Christmas Festivities

I feel like Christmas was kind of a whirlwind this year.  It was great, but it went fast.  I was really busy with work up until about a week before Christmas, and then we decided to travel to St. George for the holiday so we celebrated Christmas a couple of night's early with my sister and her family where our kids exchanged stockings and we exchanged gifts.  Then Friday after Marc got off work we drove in a lot of traffic to Utah (I think I had about 3 heart attacks along the way...I get the worst anxiety when there is a lot of traffic).  Friday when we got to Utah we went to a Japanese steakhouse with his parents and one of his sister's and her family.  Christmas Eve we played and saw a movie, Christmas was crazy and busy and fun and exciting and exhausting all at the same time.  And then the Monday after Christmas our little family left Utah at 3:00AM to head back to San Clemente to avoid any possibility of traffic.  We got home in under 6 hours...avoiding traffic was was in fact, one of my favorite car rides yet.  

Christmas at my sister's was fun.  We had Pick Up Stix and opened presents and the little girls played and the adults chatted.  It is so fun now that the babies aren't really babies anymore, they all play really well together.

Notice the Willhite's tree in the background?  They always have the best tree...they have Christmas tree decorating mastered.

It happened to be my mom's birthday so it was fun Facetiming with her and letting her see what we were all up to.

When we got home we had loads of presents under our tree to open from my family (and we didn't have space in the car to take them all to Utah with us) and Marc and I gave each other our presents. It was pretty funny...every time Sawyer opened something she acted equally excited and thrilled no matter what it was, and she carried each thing up to her room and put it away and then came back downstairs to open her next gift.

Harper's favorite present was a pair of rain boots.  Harper didn't really care which presents were hers, she just liked ripping the wrapping paper off of the boxes.  She helped Marc open the juicer I got him.  We are now officially obsessed with our juicer (for the record).

The drive to St. George was long but our girls were so great.  I took this picture right after we stopped to pee on the side of some dirt road.  So classy.  You know us :)

The girls were happy to be at their grandparents' when the woke up in the morning.  Harper loves the Streetman's dog, she kept trying to let Hurley inside.  Sawyer went indoor swimming with her cousins,  and although I wasn't there to see her, I heard she had a lot of fun.

We did a lot of hanging out, and it was surprisingly warm sitting outside in the sun.  Marc and his dad and Damon went on a motorcycle ride. 

Sawyer & Delaney were attached at the hip most of the trip.  It is funny how as kids get older, their age gap seems smaller and smaller.  

Everyone got to open one present on Christmas Eve...of course all the kids were stoked.  Once again, Harper was just happy ripping the wrapping paper.

Santa got things up before taking a snooze.  Lucky for us parents, the kids didn't wake up very early in the morning, so we got to sleep in longer than expected.

Sawyer didn't know what to think when she first woke up in the morning.  I love that I caught her sleepy face on camera as she came down the hall before turning the corner to see all of the presents.

So glad Santa delivered on the pink bike...Sawyer loves it.

Sawyer tried out Harper's bike too.

Everyone opened their stockings and then we got dressed to go to church.  I didn't shower and wash my hair...I regret that now.

Grandma & Grandpa took a picture with all of the grandgirls that were with them on this day.  

After church when everyone was eating breakfast Harper climbed up onto the fireplace hearth.  She has been dying to get up there and I hadn't been letting her.  It was a one time deal where I let her climb up and she was so happy.  Check out that devilish grin that little stinker.

Finally it was time to let the chaos begin...

Delaney got a pretend vanity from Santa...these two played with it nonstop.


Emilia wanted peacock feathers for Christmas.  We all thought it was a little strange, but everyone had fun balancing the feathers on their hands.

Aubrie's Christmas request was a "human hamster wheel" and this is what she got.  I refused to go in it because Marc was pushing the ball around and I didn't trust what he would do to me, but everyone else had lots of fun in it :)

Harper got some new cozy socks in her stocking.  They are cool, right?!  I have some too.  Love them.

Christmas night Jolie put on a magic show with her new magic set and Emilia was her assistant.  It was adorable and hilarious both at the same time...I wish I had it on video.

The next morning was an early wake up call, but our girls slept almost the whole way home, and when they weren't asleep they weren't complaining.  It was a pleasant drive.

Once we got home we unpacked, we napped, we played with our new toys, and then we met up with some friends for lunch.  It was a great day and a perfect way to end a perfect holiday.

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