Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Sunshining Day

On Monday, after I woke Harper up from a nap and after I picked Sawyer up from school, I took the girls to play in the splash pad. This might be our last week of warm weather for awhile (it can't last forever, can it?) so we are trying to make the most of it while we have it.

I love going to the splash pad with the girls, it is so easy.  They laugh, run, giggle and play together, and by the time we go home they are always tired and ready for a rest (or in Sawyer's case, quiet movie time).  Harper insisted on bringing her bath time baby with her (good thing the doll is water proof) and keeping her shoes on the entire time.

Have I ever mentioned that I love these two?  

Sawyer put water in that little frisbee that she was carrying around and dumped it on Harper's head.  Nice.

The hardest part of any event with Harper seems to be the leaving part...she usually wants to exit on her own accord and she gets severely angry with me if I try and pick her up and carry her to speed up the exiting process.  I am getting used to this.  She is still really cute.

I am thankful for these days.
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