Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Last Friday afternoon after we got home from the splash pad, I noticed Sawyer's eye was watering more than usual.  I took a minute and looked it over but I didn't think much of it.  

By the time we met up with Marc to eat I thought her eye looked funny but everyone thought she was just tired, so I went along with that too, although I was starting to get more concerned.  By the time bedtime rolled around Sawyer's eye was swollen, red, and kind of boogery.  A doctor's appointment in the AM was a must.

Comparing the afternoon to the evening...

Her eye looked ridiculous but she was still all smiles.

In the morning Marc and Harper went to the park and Sawyer and I got a special vanilla frappucino drink and then headed to the doctor.  I think Sawyer was happy to have alone time with me...even if it was for a doctor's appointment.  I am glad Harper got to go to the park solo with her dad too.

We had to go to Target to pick up Sawyer's eye drop prescription. She loves public restrooms...especially washing her hands.  Her fascination kind of grosses me out.

Since pink eye is crazy contagious (in the first 24 hours of infection) we spent the day at home and I spent my time washing and sanitizing blankets, pillows, door knobs, everything, in hopes of preventing the rest of the family from getting eyeball germs.  The girls did Valentine's and stickers.  Our kids love projects...especially Sawyer.  

Even with a sad eye, she is still pretty.

By Saturday evening the drops were clearing up Sawyer's eye and it was looking much much better so we grabbed a fast dinner just to get out of the house.

Sunday started off with more stickers and crafts and then we headed to the Spectrum to walk around and to have lunch at Wood Ranch.  I love happy days with my family.  

Everyday is a blessing...I think about that every night when I lay down to go to sleep.  

Funky pink eyes and all, we have it good.
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