Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Tuesday at the Pier

Yesterday we spent time at the pier.  We met a friend at the Bagel Shack for breakfast and then went down to the beach.  As far as beaches go the sand at the pier is pretty dirty and rocky, but going under the pier is fun, and the swings are kind of great too. It wasn't a hot day but it was warm and it was great getting some fresh beach air.

Sawyer & Harper both loved collecting rocks...

We got to play with Lauren!


My best attempt at getting a picture with my girls...Sawyer looks less than enthused and Harper is running away.  

Our yummy baby.  

Last night while getting ready for bed Sawyer told me she doesn't want to get big. She doesn't want to grow up. She doesn't want to leave me. She tells me this a lot and I don't blame her because I don't want her to do those things either. I can't imagine not seeing her face every morning & night, I can't imagine not being able to hold her in my arms and I can't imagine not being the center of her world. Why do babies have to grow up? Why can't they be little in our arms forever? I think I know why...if I didn't grow up I wouldn't get to have babies of my own. I remember my mom cradling me when I was Sawyer's age and she would tell me not to get any bigger - and I remember wishing I could stay as small as I was then. But if I didn't grow up I wouldn't be able to feel what I feel and have the kids and family that I have, and then I would just be missing out. I want Sawyer to experience life the way I have been able to, I just hope time can move in slow motion. I cry just thinking about it. I love love love my girls.

Group hug.  Does it get any better?

Sawyer helping Harper put on her tutu and the girls working on their spins together.  

We consider ourselves lucky...for so many reasons.

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