Monday, January 16, 2012

The World is a Playground

Wednesday-Friday last week I was moving pretty slow.  I stayed up late/got up early one day to do some work and it threw me totally off.  Marc doesn't have much sympathy for my tiredness either since he probably gets less sleep than the majority of the population, so I have to do my best to not complain about being tired (but I for sure complain about it a lot even though I try really hard not to).

I think when I am off my game my kids can sense it and they decide to be more difficult too.  What is up with that?  

Post afternoon naps (it is possible I fell asleep on the couch...intentionally) the girls played dress up in their Tink costumes.  This was going great until the got in a fight over a pair of Snow White shoes and they both turned beastly and all the fun came to a halt.  

On Thursday I was in a funk after hearing some really sad news about some neighbors.  Me and the girls eventually had to get out of the house and get some fresh air so we headed down to the park and met up with a friend.  It is always funny to me that kids get so excited for the park because I feel like the whole world is their playground.  

Sawyer's hair was awesome and full of static on the slide.

Harper and Jack were funny little buddies.  Jack tried to give Harper a dandelion and she rejected it.  Later on they were holding hands...unfortunately I missed the moment on camera.

We ended Thursday on a good happy note and we had dinner at my sister's and my dad was there too (he was in Orange County for business).  Dinner was delish (I wouldn't expect anything less from the Willhites) and it was fun hanging out with family.

These little ones make me laugh.  I love that Harper has a cousin pretty much the exact same age as her...I think it is pretty cool.  And I have no clue what everyone is laughing about in the other room...I was completely oblivious to the laughter until I watched this video.  

On Friday I woke up to Sawyer in our bed (surprised?) and her head was stuffed under my pillow.  She had to wear a diaper because she wet our bed the two previous nights. I slept terribly once again because Sawyer is always SO close to me.  I love her, sometimes I could just use a little more space.

Although I didn't sleep the best I was feeling slightly rejuvenated and we met up with friends at the splash pad.  The sun was so warm, it was glorious.

It is so cute to see these kids play together...a couple years ago we were all hanging out with babies in our bellies, and now those babies run around together.  Time sure changes things.

Claire and Sawyer are two months apart in age.  Claire is like a whole head taller than our Shorty.  Harper is low to the ground, and Claire is surprisingly tall.  

Marc said Harper's profile looked like Beyonce's.  Ha!  In all fairness she isn't wearing a swim diaper (which has a slimmer profile) but she definitely is a bubbly little thing :)

These two haven't played together in a really long time and I don't know why they haven't because they get along so well.  They were laying one the ground talking about their nails/nail polish, it was too adorable.

Sheri took a picture with her iPhone...

It was my favorite photo of the day...

After the splash pad we got ready to go meet Dad for an early dinner/late lunch after work.  Sawyer asked for me to take a picture...the picture thing wasn't really working out for us.

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