Thursday, March 29, 2012

Oh Baby Baby

Being pregnant and having an almost four year old around is pretty awesome. Sawyer says the funniest things and the best part about it, is that she says them completely seriously. Today from the backseat "Mom, I changed my mind. I want a boy baby instead of a girl baby because I think it will be cute. I think we should name it Donkey but we can call it Comet".

We still don't know what we are having but today we had another ultrasound (12 weeks, 4 days) and our baby totally looks like a baby now and it was really exciting seeing it's little body bounce around on the screen. The ultrasound tech asked us if it was our first child and I think she about fell out of her seat when I said "No actually it's our third". I think we might be a little ahead of the baby curve but not by much...I think it's shocking to people because I look younger (or so I am told) than I actually am.

One of our best friends came and watched our girls so that Marc could come with me to the ultrasound (he missed the first one since he was on dad duty). Sawyer told Katina "I want a baby sister boy". Let's be honest, Sawyer might be a little confused, but I love it. I was kind of thinking we were having a boy but now I am thinking it's a girl. Only time will tell and I genuinely don't care either way.

Harper is still kind of clueless and thats ok. Harper and her cuteness makes me laugh just about every single day - she's going to be a fun big sister.

Here is #3...this little wiggle worm liked keeping it's hand in it's face. I can't believe how fast this pregnancy is already flying by.

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