Saturday, March 31, 2012

Their Friend Lauren

During March the girls got to spend a lot of time with their friend Lauren.  Pizza dates, beach days, visits to the park, lunch out, Build-a-Bear and cupcakes.  They all get along well so as parents it is easy just to hang out and let them do their thing.

We went to BJs and the big hit was the fountain as we were leaving.  Lunch was good too, but you should have seen the mess the kids made with food and trash under the table.  Katina and I crawled under the table afterwards to try and clean it up a little, it was pretty embarrassing.

We went to the dinosaur park in Laguna Hills.  It was a cool park but the crowd was somewhat questionable.  There was a little boy about Harper's age and I swear he wanted to beat her up...he was about 2 feet tall and I was even scared of him.  Don't think we will be going back there anytime soon.

One Sunday we went to lunch (the dads were invited this time) and then cruised over to Fashion Island afterwards and took the girls to Build-a-Bear.  Sawyer is the master of picking out the ugliest critter possible (but she really does love them after she makes them) and Harper doesn't really care at all but we feel too bad not to buy her a stuffed animal too.  After this Build-a-Bear experience I don't think we will be taking Harper there in awhile, not that she wasn't great, but I don't think she has as much as looked at her teddy bear since we left the store (how is that for a waste of $20). 

After the bear we went and got some cupcakes and sat in the grassy area at Fashion Island for like 2 hours while we talked and the kids played.  It was unexpectedly fun sitting in the grass and the girls were so great.

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