Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Our Babies

Our babies are best friends. I have always said they were besties but I think for awhile it was wishful thinking - now I know it's true. Our kids are so much fun. They are so loved and so happy and that's basically all I really need to feel fulfilled - happy kids. Harper seems more toddler and less baby every single day and I am amazed at how much and how fast she is learning these days. I think the older the girls get the closer in age they seem. Sawyer and Harper have such a sweet friendship, I hope it lasts forever and ever.

Do you know what else is so great about these babies of ours? They are some of my best friends too, right along with their dad. I really don't know how we ever lived without them - and everyday they are more and more fun, truly. I think we did something right because we sure have it good.

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