Wednesday, June 15, 2011

"and that's the family"

Mornings are tough.  Is it just me, or when you have kids is morning time just a lot of work?  Wake up.  Change diapers.  Change sheets if your big kid has an accident (yes, it has happened like 5 times now...I even changed sheets in the middle of the night a couple of times) get Sawyer a sippy cup (who knew you could wake up SO thirsty?  Sawyer practically yells at me for a beverage), feed the baby, feed the baby quickly because if I take a second to get more food on the spoon she has a fit,  get the kids dressed (bath, hair blow dried, Sawyer likes lipgloss too...and maybe some pretend eyeshadow), empty the dishwasher (lets not even talk about the other chores I should be getting done), try to get my brain organized for the day and then put Harper down for a nap.  I shower, Sawyer stands there and talks to me while I shower (not my favorite), and then by the time I am ready and dressed Harper is up and ready for her next meal of the day.  Mornings aren't my favorite.  But my kids are.  Not really sure how that works out, but it does.  (Although I secretly wish I had an hour or so to myself everyday where I could get things done around the house without any that bad?)

 these sunglasses seem to show up everywhere

 it looks like harper is shielding herself :)

i was laying down and sawyer was draped over my leg

I like afternoons.  Especially now.  Sawyer has started swim lessons (three days so far) and it is so nice having a productive physical activity in our daily schedule.  It gives Sawyer something to look forward to (she loves it...she gets her swimsuit on hours before her lesson because she is excited)  and I like that she is learning, I like that we are forced to be outside (we love playing outside, but it is so easy to get stuck inside doing household boring stuff) I like that we can walk to the pool and walk back to our house, and I like that Sawyer is not afraid of the pool, loves to be in the water, likes her teacher, and doesn't seem to care that I am not in the water with her.  Awesome.  After swim Sawyer is tuckered out and likes to rest and watch a movie.  It happens to be Harper's nap time too, and the time Marc likes to go to the gym, so I have quiet time.  I need quiet time.  My head feels like it is spinning most hours during the day so I cherish the peace.

 ready for her first swim class...she was excited, i think a little nervous too

 i want to get pictures of sawyer during swim but i don't want to stress her out.  i snuck this picture at her 2nd lesson.

 walking home

 so anxious/excited for her third day of class she had her suit on a towel around her neck by 12:00 noon.  her class doesn't start until 2:30.

 even pretty girls pick their noses.  or maybe it is just because she is a toddler?

We are thinking of starting Sawyer in preschool in the fall.  I was opposed to it forever, but now I am starting to think she might really really enjoy it.  She loves activities.  She likes instruction.  She likes socializing and she doesn't seem to mind being with an instructor instead of her mom (or dad...or family member).  She is a smart little girl and I think the stimulation would be good for her.  I am a little late on this one though so I don't even know if we will be able to get her into a school at this point (waiting lists...) but we (I) are looking around.  If nothing else we will start her in dance in the fall, and she is so thrilled, especially for the "dancing shoes" and the "dress".  She is so my child.  When I was little I wouldn't join a dance class until I knew what the recital costume was going to look like for that year...if I didn't like it...I didn't join the class.

after swim the other day the girls indulged in popsicles.  they were in heaven.  

Lately I have been a little worried about Harper, ever since the doctor mentioned the physical therapy thing.  I honestly think she is OK and will be fine on her own (besides, Sawyer didn't walk until 14 months) but I also don't want to be ignorant and I am getting paranoid.  What if there is something wrong with her?   Luckily for Harper she has a stellar dad who is "working with her" on her physical strength.  It is so cute, he likes to have her do "evening exercises".  I have been trying to force her to do more physical activity during the day too (besides for her scooting).  We have her stand holding onto things and she seems to be getting stronger and stronger everyday.  Her legs shake and you can tell her little muscles are working so hard, bless her little heart. She also doesn't drink that much now that we took her bottle away, but she still pees and she eats like a moose...she can't get dehydrated that way, can she?  Now I know why I had Sawyer drinking out of the bottle until she was like 18 is stressful wondering if your child is getting everything they need as far as nutrients after they have depended on a bottle/nursing the whole first year of life.  We bought Harps a walker.  Maybe that will help get her using her legs a little more.  Never thought I would own a walker.  Aren't they outlawed or something?

 i love her lumpy bum in this picture. the only time in your life when a situation like that is acceptable.

she was pooped out today after getting her immunizations.  she slept forever.  

The other day when we were in the car Sawyer asked me "Mommy, do you love Harper?"  I said "Yes of course!" and then she said "And Harper loves Mommy!".  And then she proceeded with "And Sawyer loves Harper!" and "Sawyer loves Daddy! Does Daddy love Sawyer?" (of course my answer was "Yes!!") and she went on and on until she got through our whole little family and said "And Daddy loves Mommy and Mommy loves Daddy and that's the family!"

We are lucky our house is filled with so much love.  I am happy my kids can recognize that now too.  It makes me happy.

P.S Everyday Sawyer says new things.  Something I just noticed today, every time I would ask her to get something for me or help Harper out she would respond with "Oh sure! Of course!" is that for a good response?!

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