Thursday, June 30, 2011

Snow in June

June came and went so fast - but you know what they say, time flies when you are having fun.  And it is so true.

We have been busy getting snow cones, playing in the splash pad, visiting with friends, making new friends, play dates at the park, and just soaking up the sun.  

How good does a little Sno on the Go sound right about now?

Sawyer & Ellie are hilarious together at the park.  It is a perfect way to spend the afternoon because the kids are so tired afterwards...which means a really quiet house.  Sawyer falling off of the spinny thing is kind of funny, she didn't get hurt.

Sawyer only likes Tiffany to push her on the swing, not me.  The girls were "flying".

Jessie and her cute family were in town visiting from Boston.  We met up and had some sushi...yummy.  Harper and Haddie quickly became friends, sharing crackers during lunch and everything.

We love Talega's splash pad...makes for an easy day and the kids enjoy it.

Always a funny pair.

Harps likes to hang out and snack her way through the day.  

Who knew?  It is just as fun to push the swings as it is to be pushed in the swings.  

Harper and Ruby became quick friends and hung out together in the shade while their big sisters swam.

How old do Sawyer & Kate look?  This was their first time playing, I think they liked each other's company.

I feel bad not having pictures of the girls with all of their friends...I know I am missing a couple of key kids in these pictures.  Looks like we will have to hang out lots in July so I can be sure to get some photos ;)

June went by fast but it was great - loving my days as a mommy. 
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