Thursday, June 30, 2011

A Mommy Time-Out

Today I needed to take a time-out.  My favorite 3 year old was a total grump and not listening to a word I was saying and being a major pain (Harper was napping during this time).  I was starting to feel frustrated and I had the urge to kick my child (don't worry, I would never actually do that) so I put her in her bed and I locked my bedroom door and took a nice long silence.  Well, silence was the plan...except Sawyer decided to bang on the door the entire time and yelled "Let me in! I not sleeping! I AWAKE!" It was hideous.  Sobbing ensued (on her part...although I wanted to sob too) and when I was ready and calmed down, I opened the door and the two of us went on our merry way.  Then of course all of the sobbing and yelling woke Harper up so my plan to get much quiet time was given the big old kibosh.  But it turned out ok.  We had a fine evening, even though Marc was at work from 2AM-8PM tonight and we were missing him like crazy.

Since we are getting ready to go on vacation I have been wanting to get all of my memory cards cleaned off and get my pictures loaded onto the computer.  There isn't anything too exciting, but this is what the last couple of days have looked like.

We went to the park with Grandma.  Both girls love the teeter-totter.   

I think this next picture is funny.  Don't worry, that little boy was able to dodge the swing (why do kids always risk their heads/brains by running behind people swinging anyway?)

Harps snacked on a Rice Krispy at the grandparents'.

After saying goodbye to Grandma & Grandpa we went home and played outside.  

Sawyer was feeling kind of sassy.

And then Sawyer cruised around the cul-de-sac.

Yesterday we played outside in the backyard.  Sawyer really wanted Harper to wear her sunglasses, so there were multiple attempts to get them on her.

Harper toppled over, Sawyer helped her up.

We frequently entertain ourselves with the self-timer.  I am anxious to get some new family photos.  I look tired.  That is what tends to happen at the end of every single day.  This parenting stuff is exhausting.

I miss Marc when he is at work, but at least I have a couple of cute kids to keep me busy and entertained while he is away.

Harper likes scooting and playing under our kitchen table.  She has some spectacular bed head going on in this one.

This girls rarely take baths is typically a group activity.  Harper was looking to escape.

I love my little bathing beauties.

Sawyer is able to dress and undress herself these days.  She is still in the learning process when it comes to putting her shirt on and taking it off.  She likes to get her jammies on herself...if you try to help "No! I do it!"

Since Sawyer is sleeping in my bed tonight I am going to go upstairs and join her and my hubs.  I am one tired lady this evening and tomorrow night I will be sleeping (or getting whatever rest I possibly can with the two kids) on a I better get a good night's slumber while I can.

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