Monday, June 20, 2011

a walker and a swimmer

I have so many pictures to post but don't really have the time (trying to focus on getting my editing for work done before Sawyer's birthday and vacation) so for now iPhone pictures (and a video) will have to do.  

1.) We got Harper a walker.  No, no, they aren't outlawed, I thought they were too.   Aren't they like the most dangerous things ever?  Well, we watch her with extreme supervision and make sure she is out of harms way at all times.  If we aren't watching her closely, Sawyer is, so no need to worry.

2.  Our family loves peanut butter.  Goes back to Marc's dad who also loves peanut butter.  Apparently it is a hereditary thing, although, my dad isn't Marc's dad, so I must just have that same gene from somewhere else.  Sawyer helped herself to some peanut butter this morning (it was on a lower shelf than normal in the pantry) and she didn't put it away.  Harper found it and also decided to help herself.  

3. We had a wonderful Father's Day.  Movies at home, lunch out, ice cream and a trip to the pier.  Not to mention, an awesome Dad to spend the day with - Marc, you are the most amazing person ever, we loooove you.  I owe him a proper post, but this will have to suffice for now.  

Watching Tangled...Marc's choice.  Apparently it was cold inside? I don't know where Sawyer even found her hat.

Tuckered out after lunch.  Well, Harper wasn't.  The rest of us were.

Waiting for Dad with the ice cream.  Love these girls.  Usually.

4.  At swim today Sawyer busted out full on swimming.  Um, what?  On Saturday we took her to the pool, she jumped in and sunk to the bottom (not nearly as traumatic as it sounds...I have a real video...not an iPhone one...if you are lucky I will get around to loading it)...apparently those two days made a big difference.

And now I am going to go back to diligently working so I can go to bed at a decent time and not be a total zombie monster mom tomorrow.

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