Friday, June 10, 2011

High Note & Our New Couch

Our girls are kind of amazing.  I love them.  We love them.  I am borderline obsessed.  Well wait, who am I kidding?  I am obsessed. They are annoyingly adorable, funny, sweet and best of all, they are mine. 

After having a terrible Wednesday and feeling exhausted we ended the week on a high note.  We didn't leave the house, but we had fun playing at home.  We got our new couch delivered (which, by the way, we ordered all the way back in December!) and we had a yummy yummy dinner.  And something really great that pretty much never happens, is I have tomorrow off from work (photo shoots) and I am so looking forward to hanging out with my family.  

Sawyer pretended to take pictures with her Disney princess camera. She doesn't know this, but she is getting a camera for her birthday.  I suppose we should explain to her that she always holds the camera backwards, and that really doesn't make for good photographs.

The girls played with some of their dolls and my old Barbie who is rocking an Atlanta 1996 Olympic gymnastics uniform.  Do you think she is worth anything? Ha.  If there was even an iota of value in her, I am pretty sure it was reduced to nothing after my girls got their grubby hands on her.

Sawyer found a coupon for Wild Rivers.  All day she walked around holding it in a ball in her hand.  She said she reallllly wants to go there.  She wants Mommy to go, Daddy to go, Aunt Britney to go, and she wants Uncle Gabe to stay home with Harper and Mazie (the babies).  I think that is hilarious.  Sorry Gabe.

There was minimal crafting today, but we did do a little coloring.  Our craft/art cabinet needs to be reorganized like every 3.5 days.  It gets so messy.

Sawyer helped me make a grocery list.  Her top priority was candy.  Actually, candy was the only thing on "her list".  She may have had milk on there too?  I don't quite remember.  Sawyer is getting to be so grown up.  If you tell her she is getting so big she usually responds with "No I am not! I still can't reach the peenie butter!" (we keep the peanut butter up moderately high in our pantry)...she is too funny.  Sawyer didn't want me to take her picture, so this was the best that I got.

(for the record...Sawyer insisted on wearing that particular clippy)

After Marc got home from work and the gym he took Sawyer with him to the store to get some last minute things for our dinner.  It was fun playing with Harper one on one, I feel like I don't get that opportunity all that often.  She was fresh up from a nap and in such a happy mood.

Harper loves to play with doors, cabinets, and drawers.  She enjoys opening and closing them but she frequently closes her fingers and toes in them.  Harper crawls funny.  One leg forward, one leg back.  She is getting scrapes on one leg and blisters on the other foot.  She is efficient though, and she is happy.  Her doctor says that since she isn't developing the right muscles she needs to walk, she may have to do some physical therapy.  I hope she can figure out the walking thing on her own.  There is nothing wrong with physical therapy, I just want her to be able to figure it out (and do it) on her own like the other kids.  Anything out of the "normal" kind of stresses me out, but I realize in the grand scheme of things it is not that big of a deal, and if it makes things better for her to get some therapy, then to therapy she will go (we will know at her 15 month appt. if this is something we have to pursue).  A random side note...Harper is done taking a bottle! We went two days without one and I think we have successfully moved passed it.  Sawyer was a bottle addict when she was a babe so this transition was more traumatizing for me, but with Harper it hasn't really been a big deal.

Harper's other bottom tooth has now broken through the gums.  I am assuming her top teeth will come in sometime soon?  She is our late bloomer, for sure.  

Harper Ray has me by the heart strings.  I just love this little girl...there is something so sweet about her and every day I get more and more addicted to her precious little presence.  

Both my kids love their tea sets and dishes. 

I really love them.

And I really love our new couch. I ordered it so long ago I was hoping I would still like it once it arrived, and I do! Yay! It is so cute.  

Now I want to re-do our living room (although we will probably wait awhile).  New area rug, coffee table, and replace the chair in there (which I want to recover and move to my bedroom) and get something like this. 

And a coffee table like this...

It is so fun dreaming up stuff for your house.  

It is even more fun when the stuff you dream up is for the house that you share with your awesome family.  Gosh I got lucky.

Now I am going to go peel my husband up off of the couch and head upstairs.  I told him I would only be on the computer for like 15 has been over an hour.  Whoops.
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