Monday, May 21, 2012

a day in the life of

My poor blog has been neglected.  My little photo gig has been keeping me quite busy and I feel too guilty to be working on family photos and updating my blog when I have clients waiting on their images.  I tend to stay fairly busy, but recently I have been super busy, and although it is awesome, it makes me feel a little sad that I am not keeping things up to date on my kids and life.  Not that we are doing anything crazy or outrageous, I just have an abnormal fear of forgetting the little things...and I could cry thinking of the many of things I have probably already forgotten.

I think my life is pretty typical, but it is my typical little life that I just love.  I have it good.  I can't complain.

Today marks my 20th week of pregnancy.  This whole baby incubating thing is going by at warp speeds.  I am really not that big and I fit into the majority of my regular clothes, so there are lots of moments that I forget I am pregnant...until I look down and realize that I really am fatter than normal.  Sadly, I am convinced that my butt has grown more than my gut, but I guess that gives me motivation to work out lots after this little bundle arrives.  My little buddy inside of my tummy likes to swim around and practice his dance moves; his little jabs at this point are tiny, so I think they are sweet and enjoyable.  I know that when this kid is almost full grown how uncomfortable some of those jabs and kicks can be. 

Sawyer had school in the morning and Harper and I stayed at home and played and cleaned.  I love alone time with my little shorty - she is just a funny little companion.  I could eat her up.

After we picked Sawyer up from preschool I had the grand idea to check out the newest Whole Foods in town.  Although the store was pretty great, I couldn't even concentrate on what I needed to get or what I wanted to check girls were hungry and tired and they were letting me know about it.  We ordered a smoothie and it took forever and the place was so crowded and busy that I felt like I was about to have my very won melt down.  I thought the flower display was really pretty, apparently Harper did too...she decided to pick some flowers - no bueno.  We got some lunch at the store and took it back to the car to eat...I couldn't handle anymore public humiliation ;)

During Harper's nap, Sawyer had quiet time and decided to utilize that time with dumping out her piggy banks and "counting" her money.  Sawyer came to me so excited and told me that she had a lot of money and that tomorrow she wants to take me to Target and buy me some new nail polish.  How thoughtful is she?  I love her. 

After naps and quiet time me and the girls anxiously waited for Marc to get home.  We were getting bored and restless and we were excited for Daddy to come hang out with us.  I asked Harper not to climb into her closet...she is clearly a great listener.  I asked Sawyer not to join her...she is another fab listener.  How could I get mad though...their faces were just so happy!  I decided to let that one slide.

Once we realized Marc was going to be late we decided to hit up the pool.  I don't know what happened but Harper has been scared of the water for the last month or really scared...but over the weekend she decided that she loves it.  Our little lady is turning into somewhat of a fishy...and today she was impressing me with her "awesome kicks", as Sawyer says.

Sawyer likes to put on her own sunscreen.  I found it amusing when she looked at me and said "Mom, is it all rubbed in?" 

We hung out by the pool, splashed around, had a beverage break and then headed home.  Both Sawyer & Harper insisted on wearing sad I couldn't get a good picture of them...Harper looked pretty fly in her heart shaped sunglasses.  Ha.  Goofy kid.

That was our Monday.  I don't want Mondays with my kids to ever end...I really like being their mom, and well, even with bad Whole Food experiences, I like being with my kids always.  I am addicted to my children.

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