Tuesday, May 22, 2012

One Love | Dinner with Bubba

Although it blows that my parents and little brother live across the country, it is pretty great that we get to see my dad usually for at least one evening during the month (he still travels to California a lot for work) and my mom tries to come out as often as she can.  We usually meet up with my dad for dinner and the Willhites are there too.  For this particular dinner my sister picked up In n Out and we grubbed it up in her backyard.  My dad (and mom, for that matter) never come without presents...the kids get spoiled every time they see them.  This time the kids got some shirts from a recent trip my parents had been on, and my dad got them the book "One Love" by Bob Marley's daughter.  The book is a favorite of mine personally, and I love that it is from my dad.  

Mazie was going in for a hug...Harper wasn't in the mood apparently.

It is so great that these 3 get to play together so much!

We have a good dad :)

Harper's face kills me...she wanted me to hold her.  I think it is hilarious.

Don't worry...no children were harmed during the making of the video.  Mazie is crazy about the pool, she loves it so much.  

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