Thursday, May 24, 2012

Two Years & Twenty Weeks

We had two big doctor's appointments today.  Harper had her two year well check up, and Baby Decker had his 20 week ultrasound.  Both babies are healthy and perfect and everything looks great.  It is kind of weird these two are sharing a blog post since these are two fairly large milestones for both of them, but I guess that is what happens, the more kids you have the more sharing that takes place.  

Lets start with Harper.  Harper has been a notoriously bad "patient" her entire life.  I have always dreaded doctor's appointments with her because as soon as the nurse or doc even takes a peek at her she breaks down into a freaky crying mess and I start to sweat.  Today, however, was completely different.  I talked up the appointment all morning.  Harper packed Charlotte & her bink into her purse and she walked into the doctor's office a new woman...I have never seen her so brave for an appointment.  Not a single tear was shed, she laughed, smiled, and answered all of the doctor's questions and she almost even seemed excited that all of the attention was on her.

Harper's Stats

26 pounds - 45th percentile (she was in the 20th percentile at her 1 year check up)
34.5 inches tall - 75th percentile (she was in the 30th percentile at her 1 year check up)
18.5 inches round (head circumference) - 40th percentile.

Harper was on the shorter/smaller size for a long time so she got the nickname Shorty around here.  I can't believe that she has grown so much and her chubby little body is stretching out.  She is so cute either way, her presence makes me giggle with happiness, I just love her SO much!

How could I not love a kid that thinks these glasses are so cool and that loves Marc as much as I do?  She is a keeper.  I don't know if anyone else has ever made me laugh as much as she has.  And she is not even two yet!

Decker's ultrasound today went well.  All of his growth looks good and everything is measuring where it should.  Little Guy is breech as of now, but hopefully he will turn around before it is "go" time.  The ultrasound tech confirmed that our little boy is in fact, a little boy.  I definitely blushed when she handed me the pictures of his "parts" and there was a part of me wanted to hand the ultrasound pictures back to her and tell her to keep them because I feel awkward carrying around pictures of itty bitty baby parts.  Marc didn't come with me to the appointment, but it was funny because when I got home he didn't first ask to see profile picture of Decker's face, but rather, he wanted to see pictures of the goods.  Ha.  Yes, boys are gross.

My heart.  I already think he is adorable.

Our girls were never all that cooperative for ultrasound techs, but this kid is making it easy for us to get good views of his little profile.  In the majority of his pictures it looks like he is smiling.  I am not even exaggerating when I say I am SO IN LOVE already.  I can't believe how lucky I am to get to be a mom to yet another little person - I feel so grateful.

And not to leave out Sawyer.  Sawyer is and always will be my #1.

She is the best friend type.  We watch movies together, she helps me with chores (when she feels like it), she brushes my hair, we have slumber parties (she needs to learn that it is ok to give me a little breathing room...she is always so close, if not on me), and she is pretty much always by my side.

Oh I love this family of mine.  

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