Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Moo's 2nd Birthday

This year my niece had a pool party for her second birthday.  The weather had been great all week and then of course, clouds and gray skies fell upon us the day of her party.  The weather didn't stop a fun party though and everyone had fun splashing in the pool.  We feel a little spoiled that my sister has a pool now, because we reap some of the benefits. 

Mazie's party was "Elmo" themed.  My brother-in-law took Moo to the party store and let her pick out her own decorations.  So funny.  So cute.  

I love living close to my sister.  Have I mentioned that before?  It is so great seeing my kids have a close relationship with their cousin and aunt and uncle - it makes me happy.

Can't believe my little niecey is already 2!  Harper isn't far behind, and it really has gone by so fast.  I still refer to them as the "babies".  Can we stop time now? Please?

The Willhites.  Mazie was busy, she didn't really have time for pictures ;)

Harper is pretty territorial over Mazie's bubble-blowing lawn mower. 

Mazie's "aunt" Lindsey is so cute with the girls.  This was when Harper was still a little (well, a lot) timid of the water and Lindsey hung out with her.  It always makes me happy how nice she always is to our girls and she really doesn't know them super well.

Love this goobery little girl in my life.  Mazie makes me smile.

Harper enjoyed some mac & cheese poolside.

Lakers were on!  Of course Marc took some time out of the pool to catch some of the game (too bad they sucked it up real bad recently).

Before we started opening presents I asked Harper not to climb on the furniture...I walked away for a few minutes and came back to this...she is lucky she is so cute.  

And since Mazie's birthday party fell on Earth Day, the party favor was little tiny trees to plant.  Cutest idea!  We put ours in the backyard...can't wait to watch it grow!

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