Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Zac Brown Band

Last month our neighbors hooked up with some last minute tickets to the Zac Brown Band concert.  They weren't just tickets, they were awesome tickets.  We quickly scrambled to find a sitter, we invited my sister and her husband, and we had a great night out!  It was on a Sunday night which is a night we never go out on, so it felt pretty wild and crazy.  We see my sister and her husband a lot, but never without our kids, it totally felt like we were college kids again without parental responsibilities.  It was great, the concert was amazing, and it just made for some good memories.

Yup, that is the stage behind us.  We were that close.

Love this guy.

We could practically smell his b.o ;)  We didn't have a real camera with us, so iPhone pictures have to suffice.

And if you were wondering...this is my favorite song.  It is my therapy...I listen to it whenever I feel cranky or stressed.  

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