Monday, March 28, 2011


Marc and I have discovered the most awesome thing ever.  A babysitter.  We have always been weird about leaving our kids with other people outside of family but we found an awesome girl who we are totally comfortable leaving our girls with and we have started going out together, alone, more is the best. thing. ever. I even left the kids during the day with the sitter so I could go run errands and get some alone time.  It is amazing what a little quiet time to yourself does to you, it is so rejuvenating.  Last Saturday we went out to dinner in Laguna just the two of us, it was so much fun.  The babysitter was probably pretty excited too because we had both of our kids asleep before we left the house :)

It is a good thing we have been able to get out a little bit, because this one has required a lot more energy on my part the last couple of weeks.  She is feeling more independent and bossy, and I actually feel like I have to parent and discipline her.  I have to say, I think I finally perfected my scary mom face...I think she knows when I am "mad" now.  Today she clogged our toilet...and not with potty matter, but with a foreign object.  We don't know exactly what is in the toilet, but Sawyer claims she "flushed her armpit" (a.k.a deodorant) and when I asked her why she did that she said excitedly "It goes DOWN! Whoops!"  I am only half mad, I feel like every kid experiments with flushing stuff down the toilet at some point or other and it is a little funny.  Sort of a lot funny.  Although our toilet it clogged, it won't budge, and now I have a date with a plumber tomorrow.

Now I am realllly curious as to where my last iPhone ended up and my favorite Tiffany necklace.  Those two things are currently missing and it is driving me nuts.  I am pretty sure Sawyer has something to do with their whereabouts. 

Harper is still on the good list.  At this point she can't really do anything wrong...she doesn't move...she sits and plays, and most of the time she is smiling.  Sawyer was the exact same way at 10 months, so I have a feeling someday, Harper will also do things that make me lose my mind.  For now, Harps is my little babydoll, and I stinkin' love it.

At the end of the day, no matter what, I am always happy I get to be her mom...

And her mom...

And Marc isn't too shabby either <3
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