Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A Real Mom

Most of the time I feel like a mom, sometimes I feel like a real mom.  I tend to feel like a real mom when I got mad or frustrated and have to "punish" my kids.  I have mentioned before that I am not much of a punisher...I am not scary, and I don't have a lot of rules, and I try not to get upset very often (which, in reality, I don't).  But today was different.  Today Sawyer drove me crazy.  The morning started off good.  Bright eyes, sweet smiles, lots of loves.  Then we went to the mall.  The mall also started off well.  Sawyer was in the stroller with Harper, hanging out, happy, chatting with me.  And then we went into Zara (I was looking for these shoes...unfortunately they were no where to be found).  I don't know what it is about that store but it turns Sawyer into a rascal...trying to climb out of her seat, unstrap herself, barking orders at me, teasing Harper, total nightmare.  Well, my total nightmare might be different than yours, but believe me, she was no angel.  I was starting to sweat.  We left the store to go meet up with some of our friends.  At this point, Sawyer turned into a beast.  Not listening, whining, insisting on walking and not being in the stroller...and once we were in babyGap she decided to crawl (yes, crawl) and every so often push the brake down on the stroller so that the wheels would not turn.  Can you imagine how annoying this is?  If you can't, let me tell you, it was insanely annoying and totally ridiculous.  And why was she on all fours anyways?  I ended up having to hold Harper because it was getting close to her nap time and she was getting sad.  Sawyer sees that I am vulnerable and busy with her sister so she decides she needs a pair of hot pink sunglasses.  Needs. Wants.  Same difference.  She is yelling at me and crying, as I am prying the stupid darn glasses from her grubby little fingers.  I was done.  We left to go home.

We got home, I had recovered from the mall and I was ready to move on with our day.  Sawyer decides she is not going to listen to anything that I say and tell me (or yell at me, rather) "I no have to!" when I ask her to do something.  Not cool. Upstairs, in her jammies she goes.  She is taking a flippin' nap (she rarely naps anymore).  Boogers are flying, tears are spraying and Sawyer is sobbing.  She really got worked up when I told her that she is not the boss...news flash.  The wildebeest ended up sleeping for almost two hours.  Harper napped at the same time.  It ended up being a beautiful thing.  Two sleeping kids, a clean house, a quiet house, and nothing to do (well, I had stuff to do but I chose not to do it).  So wonderful.  Marc and I even got to sit on the couch and chat, with silence around us, for a little bit after he got home from work.

Holy cow, is Harper going to do things like that someday too?  Please tell me it isn't true.  Just kidding, I know someday she will get bossy and sassy and do all of the same things her sister does.  And for the most part, our kids really are really good.  They certainly have their moments though (who doesn't?).

So here we are...before the mall...taking a picture with the self-timer on my camera.  There are a whole series of these pictures, most of which Sawyer is sitting in front of Harper and I and you can't see either one of us.  That should have been a sign of how my day was going to go.

Harper started clapping today.  She was oblivious to everything going on around her, and she was as happy as can be.  

While Harper was taking her morning nap Sawyer and I went outside and took some pictures.  They are pretty cute, especially considering they were taken in about a 10-12 minute time frame.  You can see more of them here.  

I am looking forward to tomorrow.  New days always bring fresh starts, I like that.  
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