Thursday, March 17, 2011

Go Green, Add Pink, and a Little Bit of Paint

Happy St. Patrick's Day! :)

Like my cheesy shamrock border?  I thought you might.

I took a couple days off from blogging.  My kids have colds...apparently that means that they are cranky too?  Boo.  Cranky kids are the worst.  Yesterday Sawyer spent most of the day crying over absolutely nothing, it was frustrating, sad, and just plain old exhausting. 

We started the morning off well though, and got in some paint projects while Harper was taking her nap.  I bought Sawyer a canvas to paint...I am going to get it framed and we are going to display it in her room.  Sawyer also painted a miniature ceramic gnome.  Ever since Sawyer was a gnome for Halloween last year I have had a thing for them.  Go figure.  Painting was fun, and a success, and I love watching my little artist go to work.

Amazing.  I love it.  When I was at Michael's checking out the sale girls asked me what I was going to make with my paint supplies.  I told her it was for my almost 3 year old and the only thing I could imagine her making was a mess.  I was wrong.  She was totally neat and tidy and created this masterpiece.  I was wrong ;)

Even with runny noses and a cranky mindset these two girls still love love each other.  We are lucky.  Not all siblings like each other the way ours do, we feel fortunate.  Sometimes my girls remind me of me and my sister...the dynamic is similar.  Bryt, I love you!!

I feel like so much of this post revolves around Sawyer so I wanted to throw in an extra picture of our little gem Harper.  She is my doll.

When Sawyer was a baby I never ever dreamed of propping her bottle.  Unfortunately for Harper, I have no problem propping her bottle.  Sad.  Sawyer is a great big sister though and likes to help Harps out.  

We like to have a clean house, that is important to us.  It seems easier to keep things clean if you keep your kids on the same page as you.  We like to start them young.

Today the rest of Sawyer's bedroom furniture came! I am so excited!!  Her room is adorable, I am thinking I might want to trade rooms with her.  I snapped a few quick pictures and after putting them on the computer I realized I forgot to get a photo of her dresser.  Oh well, next time.  I still need to get a few more little things for her room and then it will be 100% complete.  Hopefully I will do that soon and then I will post pictures of everything all done.  

And if you forgot what Harper's room looks like, you can see it here.

Sawyer thinks her room is pretty spesh...

And tonight while Harper and I were upstairs organizing the clothes in Sawyer's new dresser, Sawyer was downstairs falling asleep on her dad's shoulder.  Listen people, our kids do not like falling asleep on us, so when it happens, it is such a treat.  Love it.

Even though this last week was a little rough with our little cranksters (and Marc's ridiculous work schedule) we still consider ourselves pretty lucky...maybe it is the little bit of Irish blood that runs through me.  Or maybe we are just blessed.  Either way, we will take it.
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