Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Big Polka Dots, Little Polka Dots, and the Big 10 Months

Harper Ray is 10 months old today.  It seems like the last 10 months have gone by so fast, but it also feels like Harper has been with us forever.  Harper is a happy baby and is content just sitting in one place playing with toys...especially if there is a container she can take things in and out of.  Harper is the queen of sleeping and she loves Gerber Puffs, and crackers and noshes on everything with her gums since she still doesn't have any teeth!  She is such a sweet addition to our family and I cannot. get. enough. of. her.  I could eat her.  Speaking of eating, here she is at her grandparents house sitting in the high chair her grandpa used when he was a baby.  Kind of fun, right?  Nostalgic, really.

Marc's parents are in town for the week so we plan on spending lots of time with them while they are here.  Marc and I are lucky.  Marc likes his parents, I like my parents, and we like each other's parents.  Apparently, this makes us lucky...I have come to discover a lot of people don't feel the same way we do.

Sawyer was pumped that her skirt had big polka dots and Harper's had little polka dots.  Her observations are so cute, and I like how excited she gets when she realizes something and figures it out.

We went to the park with Grandma today.  Harper loved kicking back in the swing.

Sawyer was happy to get in lots of "exercising"...she ran and hopped around in circles until she was practically out of breath. She certainly has a lot of zest for life these days.

Harps went on the teeter-totter.  I could be wrong, but I am pretty sure this is the first time she has ever been on one of those.

Me and my little ladies love it when the sunshine comes out!

The girls and Grandma.  Sawyer was a little too busy and didn't have a second to spare to take a picture.  I had to shoot fast.

Harper on the other hand was happy just hanging out.

Everyone had a great day.  We played until we were pooped.  

Or until we stepped in poop.

If you have a dog...please pick up it's crap...gross.
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