Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Never Grow Up

Today is Harper's 9 month birthday, except she was born on May 29th...and February skips the 29th and it is now March 1st...so it makes it very confusing.  I am confused, are you?    

Harper is my sunshine.  Our sunshine.  She makes our whole family happy.  Marc and I always catch Sawyer gently rubbing Harper's face and telling her that she loves her, it is to die for.  Harper is happy most of the time.  When she gets mad, she tends to get really mad, but lucky for us, it doesn't happen very often.  Harper still doesn't have any teeth, and she still isn't mobile, but she is still growing up way too fast and I need time to slow down.  Harper is a great eater and she loves Gerber puffs.  Harper goes to bed around 6:00 and sleeps until 7:00-8:00 the next morning.  We are lucky like that.  I can't imagine Harper not being apart of our family, she was totally meant to be.

I just want to eat her up.  I can't put into words her sweetness.

Sawyer is clearly our daughter.  Have you seen me dance?  Have you seen Marc dance?  Sawyer gets her moves from us (primarily me)...poor poor girl.  Those ridiculous arms?  All me.

I am obsessed with the Taylor Swift song "Never Grow Up" and I walk around our house all day singing it to my kids.  If I am not singing it, I am playing it on my iPhone.  The first verse is my favorite.  I sing it so much Sawyer is starting to pick up on some of the words...well, at least the key words.

What am I going to do when I don't get to spend the majority of my day laughing and smiling?  Kids are the best.

Although I always say I don't want my kids to grow up, I do love watching them grow, learn, change, explore, and become the people they are supposed to become.  Everyday is a journey and I am so glad I get to be apart of it.  I would hate for them to not grow up because they would miss out on so much, and then that is just kind of selfish of me to just want to keep them little for myself.  Right? Tangent.  Sorry.  It is so cornball and cliche but I really do love seeing things through their eyes.  Kids are so honest and simple, the way we all should be.

Harper was so excited that Sawyer was letting her play with her toy phone.

This was amazing.  Sawyer wanted to "help" Harper with the phone...so she grabbed her by the hair and moved her head around so that the phone would be up by her ear.  I don't know why I didn't stop it...but I think I was just in shock and curious to see what would happen (great reaction, right?) but Harper never cried and they both seemed ok with it, so whatever.

And some of our best friends had a baby girl, Lauren, about 4 1/2 months after Harper.  We somehow have never really taken pictures of them together.  Today we tried...sort of a fail.  Why does Harper always end up getting sad when we take pictures of her with her little friends?  Oh boy.

Remember how I said it would be selfish of me to want to keep my kids little forever...well I just decided I want to be selfish...I want them to be my babies forever :)
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